Cause she’s bittersweet 

She knocks me off of my feet 

And I can’t help myself 

I don’t want anyone else 

She’s a mystery 

She’s too much for me 

But I keep comin’ back for more 

She’s just the girl I’m lookin’ for

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Backstage at Celebrate 2013 in Singapore - interview with K-Pop group SKARF. i love the intro - Kyle via Twitter




OMGOMG!!! Is this @ClickFive’s new song?? It’s called BREAKAWAY

The Click Five’s Breakaway - An Unreleased Song

~what do you think guys? I like it!

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My Girlfriend (Forgot Me This Christmas) by The Click Five

Spreading the Christmas cheer to the Click Five fandom! I’m sure all you old school Clickers remember this song :)

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Kyle Patrick is a force to be reckoned with. In person, the tall, lanky and undeniably handsome musician could easily be mistaken for an Ambercrombie and Fitch or Calvin Klein model. But when Kyle hits the stage- it’s a different story altogether. Infused with energy, passion, and a gifted voice that never fails to touch the heart of his fans, the front man of the power pop group The Click Five has been an integral part of the Boston-based bands’s widespread and international success, with achievements like a well-received Sophomore album Modern Minds And Pastimes, a number one single (Jenny), and a highly-successful 2008 world tour to their name.

Following the band’s stunning announcement last December 2011 that they will be on hiatus, (although Kyle has repeatedly stated in media interviews that he has not permanently left the band),  Kyle has since embarked on a solo career to showcase his own brand of music. Last November 29, 2012 the talented musician flew to Manila to perform at the opening of the new and improved Glorietta  where invited media guests, VIP’s celebrities and lucky shoppers got a taste of choice cuts from Patrick’s second EP, Kyle Patrick. In line with this, Manila Concert Scene was given the great opportunity to sit down with Kyle and talk about all the amazing things happening to him.

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